Our Approach

How RCW was founded

RCW was discovered by a team of professionals with paralegal knowledge and expertise. Our staff has a library of knowledge in many areas and have come together to assist customers with document consultation and preparation.

Who is Real Creative Works (RCW)?

RCW is a professional online and mobile paralegal consulting firm based in Southern California. We provide quality information and services relating to document preparation in the various areas of court administration, such as Civil and Evictions, Small Claims, Criminal, Traffic, Family Law, and Juvenile. We also service Living Trusts, Business letters and more. RCW hones in on the "Best" industry practices fostering the disciplines of a learning organization. Other services we provide include; "Change Management, Self-Publishing, and Speaking Presentations on the above topics."

Note: We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice.

Our Story

RCW Vision

At Real Creative Works, we intend to become the premier online and mobile consultation document preparation firm by providing clients with quality based information that eases frustrations.

RCW Mission

Our mission is to promote and provide useful purpose-driven information to our clientele, thereby enhancing knowledge and personal mastery maximizing resources to improve individual and organizational brand.


-RCW Team